We are pleased to provide the following resources and study aids to our students and visitors to our web page. Please bookmark and check back often as we will continue to add to the resources presented here.

Maryland Music Academy Online Forms

Private Lessons Registration Form

Group Classes Registration Form

Performance Workshop Sign-Up Form


Online Scheduling

Students registered with can schedule lessons or make changes online:

Schedule online now

Practice and Study Aids

To help with time management and practice planning:
Word File: Practice Schedule

Students can drill note names, intervals, triads, and more with:
Link: Online Flash Cards at

General Music Resources

PDF: Guide to Reading Chord Symbols
PDF: How to Choose an Instrument for your Child

Printable Blank Sheet Music
(Even more available at!)

Guitar Player Resources

Percussion Player Resources

Woodwind Player Resources

PDF: Reed Strength Comparison Charts
PDF: How to Understand Reeds
PDF: Reed Tips – Volume 1
PDF: Reed Tips – Volume 2
PDF: Flute Fingering Chart
PDF: Clarinet Fingering Chart
PDF: Sax Fingering Chart

Brass Player Resources

Video: How to Clean a Trumpet
PDF: Trumpet Fingering Chart
PDF: Trombone Fingering Chart
PDF: French Horn Fingering Chart
PDF: Tuba/Euphonium Fingering Chart

Orchestra Player Resources

PDF: Violin Viola Cello Survival Guide (Care tips)
Video: Tuning a Violin – Part 1
Video: Tuning a Violin – Part 2


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