Music Lesson Pricing

At The Maryland Music Academy, you get a lot for your money.

When shopping around and comparing rates for private lesson instruction, please remember to consider the entire picture. Our instructors are all university-educated professionals, and many have graduate certifications, Masters degrees, and even Doctorate degrees. Our rates are very competitive, especially for students who make the commitment to study for eight weeks at a time.

We do know that simply having a string of letters after your name or a piece of paper on the wall doesn’t automatically make you a great teacher. However, we can promise you this, not only are our teachers highly qualified, they are also fun to work with and will match their teaching to your (or your student’s) goals. Even if you are just studying music casually, they are all happy to help you and pass along their own enjoyment and love of music!

Getting Started with a Trial Lesson

  • The cost is $50   (A trial lesson is not free)
  • There is no obligation.
  • Read more about it here: Trial Lesson

Discounts Available

New Student Introductory Offer – First -Timers only

  • Beginning students get the first six lessons for $24 per lesson (30-minutes)
  • More experienced first-timers get the first six lessons for $36 per lesson (45-minutes)

If you are interested in taking lessons, please fill out our online registration form. This is a free, preliminary, no obligation registration. You are not making a firm commitment to take lessons with us until completing full registration paperwork in person and make your initial payment for lessons.

After the introductory period of six weeks, our regular rate is $36 per half-hour, $54 per 45 minute lesson, and $72 for an hour lesson. We offer additional discounts to help you to continue to save as you progress through your musical education.

Payment Options
You may pay at the register in the school store with cash, check, or credit card. We are happy to arrange to charge your card at regular intervals, and you may make convenient payments online through PayPal.

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