Group Music Lessons

interior-group-guitar-lessonsIn addition to our private lessons, The Maryland Music Academy also offers group music lessons. For some, this is a preferred option. We make every effort to limit the size of our group lessons to no more then six students so that each student gets the attention they need to succeed.

We also take great pride in the fact that all of our teachers are university-educated professionals. Having a degree (or in some cases, two or three!) in your field, by definition, shows commitment, experience, and knowledge. All of which is available to the student! We truly do have some great instructors!

We have found that because all of our teachers are down-to-earth and have a love of music and a desire to share that with their students, that group lessons can be just as successful as private lessons at the Maryland Music Academy.

Why Group Lessons?

In researching music lessons you may have read or heard that private music lessons provide a better learning environment for students then group lessons. While this may be the case for some students, we do feel that group lessons are just as valuable. Below are a few things that we find invaluable about group lessons:

Community and Camaraderie

There is something to be said for the sense of belonging that a student gets when participating in a group lesson. This can lead to better progress and also provide support when the student is struggling. The student can also build life long relationships with other students and develop social skills that will help then in other areas of life.

Opportunity for Additional Outside Practice/Study

When students study together in a group setting it is not unheard of for them get together and practice or work on challenging tasks outside their normal lesson time or practice time. This can help to increase the success rate for students who learn well in a group environment.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are in no way saying one type of lesson (private or group) is better then the other. It is really an individual preference and your choice should be based upon how you, or your student, learns best.

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