Dec 2012 – Jonah Richardson

December 2012’s “Student Spotlight” goes to: Jonah Richardson

Jonah takes piano lessons with our principal piano instructor, Kevin Rose. He was chosen as our “Spotlight” this month because he is always eager to play piano and perform. He plays for anyone who comes to his house to visit, and any time there is a piano nearby. He regularly gives recitals for his schoolmates during lunchtime, and even likes to teach others how to play!

Jonah’s favorite composer is Scott Joplin, and some of his favorite pieces he has played include Ode to Joy and the theme for The Addam’s Family. The favorite piece the other members of his family enjoy listening to is Tarantella. What Jonah likes most about coming to the Maryland  Music Academy is playing the pianos, especially the BIG grand piano in the recital hall. His favorite part about taking lessons is that Mr. Kevin teaches him new things and new songs to play. When not performing or practicing at the piano, Jonah enjoys playing with his friends.

Congratulations, Jonah!