Exploring Jazz Piano (Specialized Private Instruction)

*for Non-Beginners

Instructor: Kevin Rose, Josh Schwartzman

Any well-rounded pianist should learn jazz and explore one of the largest and most varied musical genres of our modern times. Kevin Rose holds a Bachelors in Jazz and Commercial Performance from Towson University and has been a freelance jazz pianist in the Baltimore/Washington area for over 15 years. He has compiled a set of materials and a study plan designed to introduce experienced piano players to the world of Jazz.

Students who wish to study Jazz Piano should have at least 2-3 years of previous and serious piano study. Players should have achieved very solid note-reading skills on both clefs, and have a good basic playing technique. Knowledge of some basic music theory concepts like intervals and chords is suggested. (Even if you think you may not meet these requirements, you can always take regular lessons with Kevin and then he can start introducing the jazz material when you are ready.)

Possible areas of focus for Jazz Piano study include:

  • How to create your own solo piano arrangements from fake books.
  • How to “comp” in a jazz combo or big band setting.
  • How to improvise over jazz chord progressions.
  • Study of chords and voicings.

Course Tuition: Regular Private Lesson Rates Apply

Depending on your individual areas of interest and lesson length, basic Jazz Piano material and concepts can usually be introduced in approximately 10 to 14 weeks of study. Students, of course, have the option to continue studying and exploring more advanced material in depth.

Please complete a regular private lessons registration form and specify “Jazz Piano” in the specific goals or special offers section.

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