Our Music Instructors

All instructors at the Maryland Music Academy are university trained and have a passion for music. They are here to help students of all ages learn and love music.
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Piano Instructors
Kevin Rose, Celia Balzer, Dr. Joscelyn Fisher, Valerie Harvey, Josh Schwartzman, Shanna Babbidge, Andrew Broadwater, Dr. Lynn Monkres, Susan Scher, Carrie Grams, Jojie E Lee, Kiendra Chester, Dylan Tobias

Jazz Piano Instructors
Kevin Rose, Josh Schwartzman

Jazz Theory & Improvisation
Kevin Rose, Josh Schwartzman

Guitar Instructors
Matthew Arbach, Celia Balzer, Steve Seidenman

Voice Instructors
Shanna Babbidge, Susan Scher,Kelsey LaCour, Dylan Tobias, Jojie E Lee, Dr. Joscelyn Fisher

Flute Instructors
Celia Balzer

Clarinet Instructors
Celia Balzer

Recorder Instructors
Andrew Broadwater, Celia Balzer

Saxophone Instructors
Celia Balzer

Trumpet Instructors
Dr. John R. Lamkin

Trombone Instructors
Martin Lamkin

Baritone / Tuba Instructors
Martin Lamkin

Horn Instructors
Dr. John R. Lamkin

Violin Instructors
Andrew Broadwater, Jeff Issokson, Kathryn Schatz, Kelsey LaCour, Erwin Rodriguez, Dr. Joscelyn Fisher

Viola Instructors
Andrew Broadwater, Jeff Issokson, Kelsey LaCour, Erwin Rodriguez

Cello Instructors
Elizabeth Davis, Jeff Issokson

String Bass Instructors
Josh Schwartzman

Drum Instructors
Sven Eric Radhe, Steve Parezo

Conducting Instructors
Dr. Lynn Monkres

Electric Bass Instructors
Josh Schwartzman, Matthew Arbach

Music Theory Instructors
Josh Schwartzman, Andrew Broadwater, Dr. Lynn Monkres

Music Composition Instructors
Josh Schwartzman, Andrew Broadwater, Elizabeth Davis

Early Childhood Music Studies
Larissa Sanders

Indian Music and Singing Instructors
Alpana Adhikari

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