State-of-the-Art Audition Recording

Flute and Violin sq21Are you in need of an audition recording for an honor’s band, competition, screening, or collegiate admissions?

Record your video in our beautiful recital room with our resident audio professional.

Our in-house engineer is a classically trained musician and producer with extensive experience in performance recording. Performing on camera is very different from performing in the practice room, and we will give you as much assistance as you desire in capturing the best performance possible.

Our studio features:

  • Excellent Acoustics to enhance the sound of your instrument
  • Expertly Tuned Grand Piano for rich solo works or accompaniment
  • Attractive, Simple Background Imagery which will not distract from your performance
  • Studio-Quality Microphones and Pre-Amplifiers to capture your sound in pristine digital quality
  • Cinema Quality High Definition Video Camera and Nikkor Prime Lenses to capture your performance’s vivacity with life-like visuals
  • Professional DVD and Web Delivery to set your performance apart from the moment it arrives

Stunning audio and visual quality will enhance your audition or performance recording and give you an edge over the competition.

Recording a group?
We also record choral and chamber ensembles.

Need an accompanist?
We also offer professional accompanist services. Contact us.

Not a musician?
Our studio is also perfect for theatrical audition videos.

Contact us today to schedule your recording session!

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