Alpana Adhikari, Instructor

Instructor: Indian Classical Music Voice Lessons, Light Devotional Lessons, and Bollywood Singing Lessons with Karaoke

Alpana Adhikari has graduated in Hindustani classical music and has been teaching in the USA for five years. She began her early childhood music at the age of four and continued till today through a numbers of renowned teachers. Alpana has been a trained singer for the last 30 years, and is currently in progress for obtaining her PhD in Hindustani Classical Music. She has won hundreds of awards in Hindustani music, light (devotional) music, Bollywood, and western performances. Recordings of some of her performances can be found on YouTube. Mrs. Adhikari has given stage performances in many states since 2004. Her students really enjoy their lessons with her in the very popular voice training in Indian classical music, light music (devotional) and Bollywood song with track(karaoke).
Here are links to a few of her performances.

 Alpana Video Rangeelare   Alpana Video 2 

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