14 Benefits of becoming a Maryland Music Academy Student

      1. All in one location: lessons for Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Horn, Voice, Guitar, Bass, Drums and Ukulele.
        Save time and money.  Music lessons for multiple students, or multiple instruments can be scheduled at one time, or one after another. Maryland Music Academy is the only school to offer all of the most popular instruments in a high-quality, convenient environment. All skill levels – from beginners to advanced musicians, and all ages are welcome. 

      2.  The largest and fastest growing qualified teaching faculty in the area!
      We have over 20 music instructors whom we have hand picked. has a large instructional staff providing you many lesson options. All of our instructors have formal music training and/or extensive performing experience, and have agreed to uphold our high standards of music instruction. All instructor candidates are subject to rigorous background checks before they can become instructors at the Maryland Music Academy.  Your student is matched with the right teaching style to motivate and inspire them.

      3.  A wide range of lesson times available, sure to fit any busy schedule!
Open 7 Days a Week!                                                             Saturday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Monday through Friday  –  11:00 am – 8:30 pm               Sunday 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm   

      4.  A family-friendly waiting area.
     With over 4,000 square feet, we have the most spacious and comfortable lobby in the county. Why wait in a retail music store showroom, or a cramped hallway? Our clients enjoy a relaxing and professional lounge, with comfortable chairs, a kids/toddler play area with toys, free Wi-Fi, magazines, snack bar, and chilled water service. Every lesson room has large observation windows, so parents are able to watch their child’s music lessons at any time.

       5. Free, all inclusive recitals.
      Every student is invited to participate in recitals several times a year, to showcase their progress. At the Maryland Music Academy, families never have to buy admission tickets, or pay any related fees for these recitals.

       6. Professional office staff to serve you.
       We strive to bring you the best customer service possible, 7 days a week. We are continually adding hours, to ensure that our desk staff is able to assist you when you call or come to the Academy.  Our cheerful and well-trained associates are available at the front desk to assist you during all lessons. Excellent customer service is what sets us apart!

       7. Conveniently located in the heart of Howard County, right off of Rt. 108 on Red Branch Rd.
       With the Maryland Music Academy’s central location, we draw students from Columbia, Ellicott City, Elkridge, Laurel, Fulton, West Friendship, Glenelg, Woodbine, Sykesville, Catonsville and more.

       8. Student Discounts
      Our music school provides discounts to all of our students, on all of our merchandise which save you money throughout the entire year. You don’t need to worry about finding and purchasing music books, instruments and accessories, we are here to help you take care of your needs to save you time and money.

       9. Make up Classes
      Missed a lesson? Out of town? Unexpected conflict? No problem. Our students always get the full value of their tuition.  Just sign up for any of our Free make ups, when it’s convenient for you.

      10. Early morning and lunch time lessons for homeschoolers, retirees, college students and working          professionals.
       We are a full service music school, this allows us to offer music lessons lessons as early as 9 a.m., with many students between the hours of 11 a.m – 2 p.m. If you are a homeschool parent, retiree, college student or working professional who has a flexible schedule, take advantage of our morning and lunch-time lesson spots.

       11. Month to month lessons!
        Start when you want. Maryland Music Academy operates year-round, with new students starting weekly. Don’t wait for the beginning of a semester, start your lessons now! We do not require term minimums, or long contracts for lessons. To withdraw from lessons, we require only 30 days notice.

       12. Loaner instrument for your lesson
        If you want to take lessons but don’t have the instrument for whatever reason, we will happily let you use a loaner during your lesson.

       13. Trophies, Certificates, and Award Wristbands to Celebrate Achievement
        We are the only music school in Maryland that gives their students the opportunity to earn special color wristbands (kids and teens love them!), trophies, AND certificates for passing musical tests. Do other schools offer trophies and certificates? A few. But none of them inspire their students with smiling faces by giving them full color, really cool “Musical Ladder System®” wristbands that they can show off to their friends. The Musical Ladder is our unique method of music education that is not available anywhere else in Maryland. More importantly, when our students have a test coming up, they practice more, their parents are proud, their teachers are proud, and everybody wins. The Musical Ladder System® is not just for kids, adults benefit from the system too.

       14. Preschool music program through the prestigious Music Funtime® program
         This is an innovative, structured, and progressive curriculum derived from Johns-Hopkins Research, exploring the magical connection between math & science, through music for children newborn thru 7 years of age.  Children in the Music Funtime® program learn to read music notation, rhythms and symbols, and play the instruments of their choosing.  Why choose some playgroup with songtime, when your child can REALLY learn to play music?  This unique music education program is not available anywhere else in Maryland.